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Right now, our awesome Legal Department is working up the official legalese that needs to go here, but for now, here's the basic gist of the key points of our Privacy Policy:

  • We ain't sendin' your personal info to NOBODY.

    •  Dealing in folks' info just isn't how we roll.  Your email address and any other unpublished info you enter into our site is not being sold, shared, or used for any other purpose other than what's needed for basic InCoAlMo stuff.

    • OK, to be fair, if we are _legally_ required to provide your info for some crazy reason, we kinda have to do that. ... but that shouldn't happen if no one does anything bad.  :)

  • There is NO SPAM (only Zuul).

    •  We hate spammers and we don't ever want to be that guy.  We will email you only as part of running InCoAlMo challenges, and even then not very often (like maybe a few times during or around the month of the challenge itself, and maybe a handful more times during other times of the year).

    • We're working on getting our cool email system set up where you can manage your own notifications! ... so we all have that to look forward to.

Those are the basics. ... but the fancy legally-binding version is coming soon ...