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Entry 2024.0001 — Registered!
Joseph Mancuso
"Shadow Work"
Pennsylvania, USA

Original Concept:

Album title look familiar?  It should, because my primary goal for InCoAlMo this year is to finish last year's record.  :D

My InCoAlMo 2023 album was mostly done on time, but needed a couple more songs to fully realize its intention and meet all of the challenge Rules.  (The full story can be found in my Post-Game from last year.)

Of course, this means that this entry will be an automatic PARTIAL (at best) for this year, but given everything that i have going on in my life this spring, that's maybe okay.  :)

For easy reference, the album's concept, as written last year, is the same, and reads as follows:

"No matter how fervently we seek the light, there are always remnants of our journey, forgotten and unchecked in the shadows.

Before they can be let go, they need illumination."

Entry 2024.0002 — Registered!
"Several Songs of Longing"
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

Original Concept:

In the Portuguese language, an important and inscrutable word dominates part of the national psyche -- "saudade."  While there is no exact counterpart in the English language, "saudade" refers to a deep sense of wistful longing, soaked in yearning and melancholy.  "Several Songs of Longing" will explore various traditions and experiences of our collective urge to seek, while never quite finding, an emotional desire just beyond our reach.

Entry 2024.0003 — Registered!
my four fastest
ann arbor & lexington

Original Concept:

a musical exploration of the violence of calling a child an "underachiever"

Entry 2024.0004 — Registered!
Uncle Sixer
"Speaking in Public"
Right Here

Original Concept:

Finish a couple of complete songs (at least to demo-quality)...  the concept, for me, is a creative challenge: can I write some lyrics and sing some vocals.  Maybe a unifying conceptual theme will develop, maybe not...  I just want to overcome what feels to me like my biggest hurdle in music, writing and singing lyrics without being too self-conscious about it.

Rules are already broken because I have music ideas in my head and on the hard drive already; but I want to finish a few things to call my own and hopefully be proud of them.  I may drop in a cover or two if they come together.

Entry 2024.0005 — Registered!
"Unvarying Transisions"
Esbjerg. Denmark

Original Concept:

The Concept I'm tackling this year around. Will be based upon I something I noticed listening to RAM (Daft punk album) and also on Beta+Alpha (Minecraft albums).

I'm going to try'n make as many unexpected but musical transitions as I can. Still keeping with my usual "cinematic/Filmic" sound. And beyond that I'm getting a tape eco/delay. (aiming for an older Watkins Copicat model)

Entry 2024.0006 — Registered!
"ICAM 2024"
Entry 2024.0007 — Registered!
Paul Collins

Original Concept:

Oh--- we'll see. I don't have big confidence this year - seems busy all over.

Entry 2024.0008 — Registered!
Jeff R.
"Songs To Listen To at the End of the World"
Left Coast

Original Concept:

It's been a rough time out here.  Big storms, a multi-day power outage, global chaos, personal chaos, etc... has me thinking about a different kind of transition.

I'm hoping to do songs related to this theme, touching on the personal and larger aspects - if the world was ending, what does that mean ... and what would it mean to me?

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