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Entry 2021.0001 — Registered!
My Four Fastest
Lexington, KY

shoegazer nerdpop

Entry 2021.0002 — Registered!

an album comprised of remixed motifs from the extensive back catalogue of the band Rush

Entry 2021.0003 — Registered!
Jim Eddy - Forward In All Directions!
"Too Many Records!"
Ann Arbor, MI, USA

A salute to several records that changed my life and how I think about living.

Entry 2021.0004 — Registered!
Ezechiel's Eye
Hovering Over Italy

These are reflections and ruminations about an evidently unsolved murder case.. I say 'evidently' unsolved since the woman and accomplice who were found guilty and convicted twice, somehow managed to walk free.

Entry 2021.0005 — Registered!
Emma Grace
"Craves of Pegasus"
Umbria, Italy

Music for still pictures

Entry 2021.0006 — Registered!
Jim Novak
"The "Johnny Appleseed" One-Man Show"
Ann Arbor, MI

I have a set of 8 songs that come from my take on the folklore figure known for planting trees and wandering the American Midwest in the early 1800s. I'd like to use INCOALMO  to create a story arc and write a narrative linking the songs in a stage setting (as a one-man show). The concept album will consist of the songs and the spoken-word narrative.

Entry 2021.0007 — Registered!
Brian Lillie
"Maps to the House"
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Going to try my hand at a song cycle inspired by ideas in Gestalt psychology. Musically, I'm hoping for a "mixtape" vibe, where songs will flow into each other, and to play lots of guitar!

Entry 2021.0008 — Registered!
Joseph Mancuso
"6 2x4s: An InCoAlMo Retrospective"
New Jersey, USA

For a few different reasons, i've decided this year to do a spoken-word retrospective sharing thoughts on the five InCoAlMo challenges that i've completed to date -- a "rockumentary podcast album", perhaps?  The plan is to record six pairs of 4-minute tracks.  For five of them, each pair will discuss the production of a previous year's challenge, with one track describing the album overall and another focusing on a selected piece from that album.  The last pair will be dedicated to the InCoAlMo concept itself, serving as sort of an "intro" and "conclusion" to the record.  There may be one or more uncounted bonus tracks, as well.  My hope is to deliberately avoid talking about things already covered in the "liner notes", so as to provide new insights into how the records were made, and what i've learned over the past 5 years.

Entry 2021.0009 — Registered!
"The Rule of Zero Hero"
A cramped little guest room home studio

This album will not have a cohesive theme.  It will not be 40 minutes.  It will have too many covers.  I will unapologetically use material previously recorded as well as ideas and songs that were originally conceived long ago.  It will be an album that should be disqualified before you even give it a chance.

Entry 2021.0010 — Registered!
Paul Collins
Mount Pleasant MI

Multilayered sonic environments, some probably musical, others maybe not so much.

Entry 2021.0011 — Registered!
Jeff Rogers
"Memories of a Red Planet"
El Granada, CA

This may well be my least well-thought-out concept to date.  It's a tribute to human exploration of Mars, especially the several robotic rovers that call it their forever home.

Yes, of course I'm going to try and work in that sound clip.

Entry 2021.0012 — Registered!
Fear of Blushing
"Goodnight, Dear Void"
Astoria, NY

So far: indie rock with slowcore tendencies. Looking up at the stars on a warm, clear summer night.

Our fifth made-in-March album as Fear of Blushing!

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