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Right now, our awesome Legal Department is working up the official legalese that needs to go here, but for now, here's the basic gist of the key points of our Terms Of Use:

  • You always own your stuff, we always own ours.

    • Anything you post on the site or create for the InCoAlMo challenge always remains yours (assuming you own it in the first place).  We claim no rights to it.  Your entries, writeups, albums, and other creations are always yours.

    • The other content of the site -- the stuff we make -- is ours.  Please don't use it without contacting us to obtain our agreement.

    • We might link to, talk about, review, or promote your awesome InCoAlMo creations to help show folks how InCoAlMo helps people create awesome creations, but we'll never call it our own.  Our writeups about your creations are ours, but your creations are always yours.

  • We reserve the right to take anything off the site that we need to.

    • Our Signups page text says it best:

      "We're not big into censorship, but we need to reserve the right to 'bleep out' or otherwise mask content that violates folks' right-to-not-access or that might get us into trouble. We'll do everything we can to avoid that and to portray your information accurately, but we also need to protect ourselves and others. Thanks for understanding."

    • Our view is that right-to-not-access can include a lot of things, and to be honest, we can't think of every possibility up front. We want to create a space that is comfortable and enjoyable for everyone, so we'll seek to enable people -- including our own team -- to avoid things like spam, solicitation, abuse, and disturbing content. We hope and intend to be compassionate to artists' visions and ideas wherever we can, but because we can't predict everything, we need to retain the right to remove or limit content at our discretion. We'll do our best, and hope folks will be understanding if we reach out with a concern. Again, thanks for the support on that.

Those are the basics. ... but the fancy legally-binding version is coming soon ...