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31 Days.

5 Rules.

1 Album.

Are you in?

Welcome to InCoAlMo.  Each March since 2016, a wild pack of artists take on a challenge to create a full-length concept album in one month.

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, InCoAlMo is a free event intended to help creators of music, sound, and spoken word push and break through their limits.  Taking on a seemingly impossible task forces us to dispense with the self-criticism and doubt that hold us back from creating.  The results may not be polished, or even "good" (whatever that means) ... but they are born of a process that reconnects us with our muses, affirms our artistic integrity, and makes us stronger at our craft.

Whether our month ends with a finished album, a few interesting ideas for future work, or anything in between, it leaves us better at creating.

Join us.